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The hidden treasures though are the thousands of behind-the-scenes photos in b&w from hundreds of hours and thousands of miles traveled around the world with the Champ: NYC, Zaire, Manila, Detroit, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Los Angeles, Paris, New Orleans, Tokyo, Miami -- are just a few of the locations covered.

FAQís about these photographs:

What is Ali really like? In private he is the complete opposite of his public persona. He is extremely modest, soft the point of being shy even, and very funny and childlike. Physically he is a huge man, plus he has a huge heart for people. He is very generous with both time and money. But can get cranky too -- he is a Capricorn after all!

How did you get to cover so many fights? I put myself where the action was, and the assignments followed.

Why did you start photographing Ali? Actually, I had no interest in boxing or Muhammad Ali, but after a chance encounter with him while shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, in NYC, he invited me to his training camp in Deer Lake, PA. After just one photo session, I realized Ali is much more than an athlete. He emanates the strongest charisma I have ever experienced, and he is utterly unaware that he is different from any other person. A simply amazing human being.

What was it like to be at the Rumble in the Jungle? It was history....every minute of it. Ali knew it and so did we. It was exciting, scary, competitive, eye-opening, and steamy hot!

By the way, when this fight was postponed for six weeks due to a sparring injury Foreman received during a workout, I stayed on in Zaire for the full two months of training. All the other press returned to their home bases. It turned out to be a bonanza for me, as I got to know the Champ in a way I would not otherwise have been able to do. And, as far as shooting from ringside ... to have my elbows right on the apron during a world championship fight was a real privilege and a huge experience. We all knew it was about more than boxing. It was history.

How many pictures do you have of Ali? Thousands! And you can have an original print for your home or office. Just check the "How to Order Prints" page below.

Do you know a lot about boxing? Only what Iíve picked up along the way. Itís very hard to look through a camera lens and at the same time, be analytical about what you are watching. My favorite book on the subject is a small volume by Joyce Carol Oates called On Boxing .

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