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No Surprises:
It is our belief that when terms of doing business are openly and fully discussed in advance and agreed to in writing, both parties can proceed with confidence. To that end, we provide our clients a cost estimate in writing and fax an Assignment Confirmation that spells out what we have discussed by phone and email. When your signature is received by return fax, we commence with production.

Fee Structure:
Photography fees and expense estimates are based on the nature of the client project and intended end-use of the photographs. Photo Shuttle: Japan has been in business for over 20 years and our licensing terms and contracts are along industry-standard guidelines as set forth by the APA, ASMP and EP. More details on pricing can be found on the Licensing Page.

All photographs remain the intellectual property of the photographer and will be copyright registered as such for the protection of both photographera and client. Client will be granted specific rights as discussed, and noted in the Assignment Confirmation, for the specified duration of time.

What to Expect:
Please expect extensive discussions by phone and email. We want to understand not only the broad outlines of your photo needs, but the nuances of the project and the profiles of the people being photographed. We want to give you what you want........and much more!

Please show us samples of your previous annual reports and brochures so we can learn more about your company.

Location Scouting
It is always highly desirable for us to be able to visit the proposed site before the shoot to "scout" the location. Keep in mind that what you might consider a lovely location might not work to your best advantage photographically. Clients are often surprised what we pick for locations, because we can visualize a site transformed by the magic of light and photographer's vision. We hope, of course, that you will trust us, based on our track record. Know too that your preferences will always be honored.

Pre-Production Day
On average it takes at least 2-3 hours to set up and do tests for a shoot. Since shoots typically are scheduled starting early in the morning, we like to come the day before to set up our gear and do the testing. This Pre-Production day is included in our quote. Expect to see the crew come with a van full of equipment. We try to be as unobtrusive to company operations as possible, but frankly, there is a lot of gear, boxes, bags and cables. We always appreciate having access to your maintenance personnel and electrician for any special needs that might crop up.

The Shoot
When it comes to the shoot itself we value your employees' time. Accordingly, we go to great lengths to minimize the time your staff needs to take from their work. Usually, we ask for 15 minutes tops for executive portrait sessions. The photo on the preceding page of the Nissan Board of Directors, for example, took 2 hours to scout, 5 hours to set up... but only 5 minutes to shoot.

Delivery of Photos:
You have a choice of having digital files transmitted to you via Internet, on CD via FedEx, or film via either method.

When a project's estimated out-of-pocket expenses exceed $500, we request an advance.

If one of the PSJ network photographers is shooting for you, they will deliver photos to you directly from Japan, while billing will come from the PSJ office in NC.

License Renewals:
When a license for usage of photos expires, we will contact you to remind you of the expiration. You will have an option to renew or extend the license.

To license one-time usage in print or other media please see Licensing Page.
To order fine-art prints for wall display please visit How to Order Prints.

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